708UF Write error

Hi guys, i need an advice of more experience users in this forum :smiley:

I’m having this error message in several burning softwares (Nero, Alcohol, ONES). (See the attached image)

I’ve tried burning using firewire and USB 2.0. Always uses firewire, just tested with USB… My drive always performed well, this only happened today. Tried burning DVD+RW and it worked ok.

I think it’s the media, i’m using Platinum DVD+R 8x. Never had problems with them before. In fact, i’ve burned half a box of them with no probs until now when i’ve reached close to the end.

Thanks fo any help given :bow:

Maybe you just got a bad batch of discs. Do you have any other media to test?

Most likely it’s indeed a media problem. Platinum doesn’t make its own discs. It buys batches from different manufacturers and sell them under their own brand and thus quality may vary. This is a common problem with cheap(er) media unfortunately. Let us know if you follow Two Degrees’s advice about trying some other media. Good luck!

Actualy i don’t have other media to test, but i serious believe it’s a media problem!
As i said, the first 10 discs burned ok, the rest of them is resulting error. :a
Maybe they are really scre**d (first time it happened to me and with this brand)

The burned DVD+RW (also Platinum) also went ok :rolleyes:

This is just for masking sure of what i thought it was. But when i try other media (or same media in another burner) i’ll let you know.

Btw, thanks for the reply :clap:

Just as promised, i’ve tested another media and there was no errors during the process…
As you and i though, it was just bad media. My problem is solved, i hope…

Thank you, all of you for your time :clap: