708UF as restricted user

I have a 708UF attached to a Win2000 system. The drive works fine but I have a more practical problem.
I prefer to have it powered off when not used and this creates some problems:

  1. I cannot boot-up my system with the 708UF connected and powered off. My W2K machine will hang for several minutes in the boot-up sequence.

  2. To get around No 1 it is not only powered off but also not connected. If I connect it, it won’t show up as a CD/DVD-drive in Explorer and Nero won’t detect it. It requires a logout/login with the device connected and powered on to have it show up as a drive.

  3. If no 2. is fulfilled I still cannot use it when logged in as a restricted user (I prefer being logged in as restricted user) but I need to logoff and logon to an admin account. Even if the 708UF shows up as a drive Nero won’t find it.

My question is: is there any way, on Windows 2000 as restricted user, to
power on, plug in the USB and have the system detect the device so I can run Nero and use the 708UF without logout/login (or reboot) and using a non-admin account?