708A2 in Japan?

The page.

Seems a downgrade version of 712A, support dual 8x.

Who knows Japanese?

I’m comparing PX-708A2 with PX-708A and PX-712A on the web pages.

Finished. I agree it is an downgraded version from PX-712A series. The A2 looks great though the price difference wouldn’t be much from PX-712A.

PCAV for both DVD-R 8x and DVD+R 8x is a nice thing but the speed difference between ZCLV DVD+R 8x and PCAV DVD+R 8x would be very little. 48x for CD-R and 24x CD-RW is also nice. Where did you find the link?

We’ve seen this before, there have been reports about the Plextor PX-704A drive which was a downgraded version of the PX-708A (4x DVD±R instead of 8x DVD+R / 4x DVD-R). These drives will probably only be released in Asian countries, or perhaps only in Japan. Thanks for reporting this riggy.

Well can we use the firmware?..i’ll try ANYTHING to fix 8x burning woes, Where’s Herrie!!!

Ask Plextor for a free upgrade path to PX-712A or even PX-716A. :slight_smile:

I paid nearly US$350 for my PX-780A and the drive is no better supported than any other DVD writer I have though the situation must be quite different from mine in Japan and in Europe. For US$80 or less, I can have a Lite-On SOHW-851S which can write to DL at 4x.

I am in China. Here Plextor also sells 704A. So I am waiting for 708A2 now. From other Japanese pages, 708A2 is even a little cheaper than 708A. That’s great.

You can search plextor 708A2 in www.google.com.


You are in China?Are you Chinese? :bigsmile:

I guess I also want 708A2 if it’s cheaper than 708A. :slight_smile:

データバッファ 8MB <---- 8MB Cache??

Yes, AltaVista translates “データバッファ” in “Data buffer” :wink:

You understand japanese?Ooh,it’s really great!

“データバッファ” means “缓存容量” in chinese. :wink: