708a Won't Read ID4 (Special Ed.)!

[B]My replacement drive (refurb. to TLA#010x by plextor) now has problem reading original DVD disc (Independence Day - Special Ed.) that I just picked up from HMV a few days ago, it freezes 2/3 of way thru…

  1. Other drives/players read the disc fine without any problem,
  2. Region was set correctly,
  3. Tested with a second copy of original ID4 Sp.Ed. - won’t work,
  4. Tried with fw1.06 & fw1.07 - no go,
  5. Switch the 708a to another pc with different setup - won’t do the trick either.

What could be the problem?! Can anyone of you happen to have a hand on this disc try it out and see if you plex read this disc ok?

By the way, this is not the only origional dvd disc that I have problem with, but a few already…

This nightmare has finally shown since they replaced my original 708a with a refurb. unit. I just don’t have good experience with this plex. drive, man! :a[/B]

Maybe the pick-up is dirty.

What software are you using to rip your DVD’s with? You could try other software to see if this makes any difference. Software you could try are for instance DVD Decrypter and AnyDVD. With AnyDVD installed you can just drag and drop the contents of your DVD to your hard disk and see if that works. Please report back.

I wasn’t even ripping anything, just playing back the movie… :confused:

It seems like you are on your way for a second RMA…

hjatforum, sorry I misunderstood you before. Can you rip the DVD with software like DVD Decrypter? This will give you an indication if the drive can at least read the entire DVD without errors. Please report back.

no need to sorry…

nope, it can not rip the disc either… :sad: