708A tray opening before verification

hey all… my 708A is forcing the tray to open and close after a data burn but before data verification. i’m using nero 5.5 and or nero 6(19)

nero flashes a dialog box that tells me that my drive needs to open and close its drawer before data verification can complete. this happens for cd media and dvd media.

thing is, i’ve never heard of this for any cd-r or dvd recordable drive ever. i’m wondering if i’ve got some kind of crazy thing going on with this specific drive or if this is something new.

the burns are fine… it’s just a weird drawer thing.


No, it’s normal. I have the same thing and not only with this Plextor drive (my Lite-On 52x does it too).

This is normal. The drive needs to get rid of the “burn lock” in order to switch from write mode to read mode. Just leave it alone until the “Verification successful” message.