708A Reading/Burning issues



for some odd reason every time that I burn 2 or more discs (dvd) continouslly my computer freezes up at the end, and also reading dvd, it is extremelly slow. formated hdd, nothing changed, tried new ide cable (brand new round cable), tried the latest mobo drivers. need some help please! :confused:

thank you every one.


try the self-diagnostics test as detailed in your manual. that should let you know whether or not it’s a drive hardware problem or something else (which is a good place to start troubleshooting)…


Check the FAQ: My Plextor drive is burning and/or reading very slowly.

Does that solve anything? Welcome to the forums and good luck :wink:


well, i forgot to mention that i did try it and it passed. i have tried everything that i know of, troubleshooting-wise. let me go over those faq’s and see what i can come up with.

also i need to add that my computer works great besides that problem. + i have another dvd player (liteon) on the same computer that just replaced an old (samsung) dvd player. problem existed prior to the exchange. i have the latest firmware (1.08 i think) and nero

thanks again.


Down grade Nero to 6.3.x.