708a problems :/

i purchased the plextor 708a last week, upgraded to firmware 1.08 everything nice and good so far.

i started making regular cd’s everything good again so far then i went and bought some blank dvd’s

it would simply not read them, i tried nero,alcohol and when i mean doesnt read them at all it wont even recognize that they are blanks, the brand of the cd’s were benq. So i went to a friends house that has the same plextor he burned me one sec came home still nada the writer wont read them at all.

i read the forums check about the udma thing its enabled

my system specs are
abit ic7 max 3
intel 2.4 HT
ocz pc 4200 512mb
maxtor sata 200gb
windows xp sp2 proffesional


Run the self-diagnostic test on your PX-708A. I had a PX-716A that failed the write test. You may have to return the drive or RMA it. :slight_smile:


alright i will try that

thx mate

I will rather try downgrading the firmware to say 1.04 first.