708A Problems with TDK DVDs +R



Hi guys,

I am very angry at the moment at this 708A drive … I burned 5 dvds and all of them give me CRC error when I tried to read them back. It seems so untipical for PLEXTOR … a drive can burn but then cant read back … I have a quite fast machine … 3.1 Ghz 1 GB Ram … MOBO P4c800-E 1 sata drive and 1 IDE and more cdrW. The DVD drive is MASTER on the secondary IDE as recomended. I am using the lates Nero and I still can read shit from what I have burned …

please if any of you have solved this problem share with me HOW ? 10x.


The TDK 4x DVD+Rs suck a$$. My uncle bought some and it turns out they were made by CMC magnetics. (You can use DVD info to check who manufactured the media.) Although not all of his TDK+R disks burned at 8x turned out as coaters, quite a few were having compatiblity issues with different set-top players.

Assuming your burner isn’t defective;

Make sure you are using that latest firmware and the latest version of your burning software. Also lowering your burn speed to 4x should help.


What brand of dvd media are you using? I would suggest you use the “RECOMMENDED” brands of dvd media that Plextor supports. Check the Plextor website for recommended and compatible brands of dvd media. Not all compatible brands will work with the drive.

I use MAXELL 4x DVD-R, TDK DVD-R, VERBATIM DVD-R, FUJI (TAIYO YUDEN) DVD-R 4x & IMATION DVD+R 4x that can be burned @8x. Those are all the recommended brands that Plextor supports. I also use from the compatible brands, RITEK G04 4x DVD-R & COMPUSA (CHEAPO)PRINCO DVD-R 1x that burns @2x. Some MEMOREX DVD MEDIA is manufactured by CMC which is crappy media that for me didn’t work with the Plextor 708A. Hope this helps you out. :slight_smile:


I set the speed to 4x and it is stable for now … I would guess that I was too confedent that PLEXTOR is the drive that will burn anything at 8X speed no matter that the actual disks are 4X :wink: And as one of you mentioned TDK may actualy suck ass. I will burn from now on at 4X until I purchese a new pack of DVD’s and I will focus on the ones you guys recomended … Thanks and I will see if from now on things will be ok.


ohh btw … I see you guys are having a nice web site here … I would say if you guys need a better design and help with that I would love to assist you … since you helped me with your replys … here are some links of my previous designs …



My TDK+R 4X are RICOHJPNR01 and all burn at 8X with no problems at all on my Plextor 708a. Maybe they switched to CMC. I still have about 45 of these left. My DVD-R 4X are Ritek G04’s and no problems with those either. I am still using Firmware Ver. 1.04 with Nero with no problems.


every tdk dvd+r i have gotten has been RICOHJPNR01

i have gotten them from best buy and buy.com both times they were ricoh.


The ones my uncle got were from Best Buy and they weren’t RICOHJPNR01 .

Too bad there is no way to find out who made them before you pay for them.


Yeah I fully agree with you. I hate it when you buy media that you expect to be manufactured by a quality company only to find out later that it’s not.


crap, guess im not buying em from best buy anymore, i dont want that happening…

they’re cheaper on buy.com anyway 25/$31 and so far they’ve always been ricoh


FYI, I purchased TDK DVD+R 4X and they were RICOHJPNR02. I did not have any problems with them on the PX-708A buring at 4X.


I actually had no trouble with the 15pack CMC-made TDK stuff from Circuit City a few weeks back and my Plextor hires a lawyer whenever I try and use cheap/not-recommended media with it.

I always complain to the manufacturer whenever they pull the CMC (or worse) trick. Tell them how many coasters you made, how much time you wasted, and how you had to throw the media out because you couldn’t trust their brand because they didn’t identify what was inside, allowing you to make an informed buying decision.

Suggest that because they use different manufacturers and don’t identify which ones on the outside of the package, you can’t trust -ANY- of their media and you’ll buy elsewhere.

On occasion, companies have sent me replacements from their top of the line product categories without me even returning the bad media, and frankly if enough people keep complaining, they will do something about it.