708a Problem

I just upgraded my firmware to 1.08 and was burning some dvd’s tried on several different -rw’s and none worked,The minus media is working but some of the media wont burn at 4x it goes to the slowest speed.Its like everytime i upgrade my firmware the burner starts doing crazy shit can someone help me here please .The firmware upgrade went smooth no error’s.

it is not uncommon after a firmware upgrade to find your drive now in PIO mode instead of DMA. ( especially if you are running XP) check in device manager under the ATA/ATAPI Controllers and see if the IDE channel your drive is on is in DMA mode. if it isnt the quickest fix is to uninstall the IDE channel and reboot letting windows reinstall the IDE channel automatically when it boots up. this usually fixes the problem.

Primary mode 5 and secondary mode 2 dma and burnng everything at 2x