708A problem with reading DVD and CDRW disks!

My 708A is only about 9 months old, and it’s started sputtering…it can still read my dvdRW disk and plex supplied dvd+r but wont read dvd disks and CDRW. Just stays blinking 2 ambers.
I tried to lower the firmware and suddenly the disks were working, went on for few sessions, but thn the same, I went down upto 1.04 firmware, trick worked till then, but now its done.
It passed cd-r disgnostic, havent done with dvd yet.
Any ideas anyone… :confused:

they just released FW version 1.09 on the Plextor Europe site…give that a try…supposedly fixes some compatibility with media.


well, not working for me…just installled 1.09 yest…no improvements :frowning:

media being used? plex’s are a bit picky.

dvd disks are lotr movie disks, reg 1 coded(drv is also on reg 1) and cd-rw are brand tdk and samsung, manufacture id not mentioned…

you can download DVD Identifier (http://dvd.identifier.cdfreaks.com/) and check the MID. does it not read the LOTR discs?

luckily you’re still under warranty if the drive is indeed broken and can RMA to plextor.

you should try with some Plextor recommended media first though.

thanks for all help, have tried dvd Ident. but drive wont even read the disk… i ll try diagn. with some more media.