708a on a single channel

just got a question. will the 708a perform better on a single channel on its own or will there be no difference if its on the secondary channel on master?

does anyone on this forum have the MSI K7N2 Delta-ILSR mobo? how do you setup IDE3 to work? cos if 708a does work better on a single channel then my setup would involve having my litey on IDE3 and 708a on secondary.


I have not seen any difference in performance between having my Plextor as secondary master with my toshiba DVD rom as secondary slave. and now having a sata hard drive and the plextor alone as master on the primary IDE.

My Plextor PX-708A is installed as Slave device and it has no performance decrease. It is only recommended to use the PX-708A as single master when you’re experiecing problems. This is most of the times not needed.


is it slave device on the secundary channel ???



       You only need to place on a separate IDE channel to ensure maximum transfer speed for on the fly disc to disc copying. When there are two drives on the same IDE channel UDMA 66, the bandwidth is split in two between the master and slave drive. If you are experiencing problems you may want to switch the jumper settings on drives i.e. master and slave.