708A & Nero Burning Problems

I am using a External USB 2.0 case with a plextor 708a and until recently I have had no problems. I am using Datasafe Ritek G04 media. It is Nero 5.5 somthing or other (came with the drive)

If the image I burn is ISO I normally burn through DVD Decryptor and there is no problem. However now for some reason if I use nero and burn as the individual files (DVD Film) then the burn fails.

I have the latest firmware and have been using this media for a few weeks. Sometimes it does not get through a disk before it fails sometime it takes ages (like writing at 1/2 speed) says it is okay and the disk is unsable.

The only way to describe what is happening is when I look at the disks, it looks like there are gaps ! You can see where it has burnt info and there is some space before it continues. I have to resort to burning the files to ISO using nero at the moment which is painfully slow.

Any help would be appreaciated, also is there another problem I can try to convert the VOB’s etc to an ISO, or is there any other software I can try to burn the VOB;s with

Thanks Keith

I am using windows XP, after reading the forum I will check my DMA settings although I dont think I am getting buffer problems (then again I dont knwo what I am doing really).

I dont have another machine I can test this on so I really need to find out if it is the mode of writing (not ISO), the software (nero) or the drive?

Out of curiosity are plextor pretty good at just replacing the drive, I only bought it a few months again so I guess I am under warrenty.


Hi, I’m not sure what’s the cause of your problems, but Plextor seemed to not favour Nero very much (or the other way around) albeit for early Nero 6 versions (actually 5.5 was pretty steady). Try the newest Nero version. The worrying thing is the gaps you are mentioning. Try again with the other software, too, and if you see anything suspicious contact Plextor. They have great after sales service, have no worries.

A small additional note: there is no point in checking DMA if you’re using the drive in an external USB 2.0 case since it doesn’t use DMA. One thing you could try is to remove the drive from its external case and try it internally. If that works there is probably a problem with the USB interface (e.g. driver problems). If the drive also fails there then there is a problem with the drive itself. Also, try running the diagnostic self-test and report back!

Thanks G@M3FR3@K, it is in a USB 2.0 case because I have a portable computer but U will try and attempt the diagnostic test as well.

This was working fine until yesterday and it is strange why if I burn an ISO it is okay but if it is the VIDEO_TS files then it does not. I will also try burning an ISO through Nero rather than DVD Decrypter to see if it is just Nero.

Thanks for your help. The disks look very strange after they have been burnt, may post a little picture.


Good luck and please keep us informed!

I reinstalled the 1.04 firmware for the machine and after making another coaster immediatley after starting a burn I decided to check PlexTools.

What I found was that Buffer Underrun Protection was turned off on the drive so I turned it back on. I also partially defgragmented my drive. Now touch wood I then burned 2 DVDs 15 mins each with no problems at all.

I will keep an eye on this as I dont know if it was the defrag ( Only 13% completed) or the buffer underrun switch (I am guessing the latter) which sorted this.

Again thanks for you help. I will keep you informed if I get any further problems.


I’m having similar problems to keitho…using the 708A (1.04) in a CRU Dataport 525 USB 2.0 case with Memorex 4X DVD+RW discs (RICOHJPNW11). Basically, the burner will finish, but Nero ( shows the buffer on the drive jumping from ~90% down to 15% then back up. The LED on the drive blinks green every 5 seconds or so while burning, the rest of the time its a fairly steady/flickering amber. A few times the burn failed (using those Memorex discs and a TDK 2.4X +RW also a Ricoh I think) I used the reg hack to show the true burn speed and it always stayed between 3.2X~3.4X, never higher. Tried Roxio Easy CD/DVD 6, it also bounced between 3X and 4X, but the burn finished. I have updated ASPI (WinXP SP1), changed USB 2.0 cables (new Belkin Gold USB2, the cable that came with the enclosure looked kind of flimsy), updated EasyCD/DVD to latest patch, etc. This is on a Dell Optiplex GX260 (P4 2.26, 512MB, XPSP1).

Anyone have any ideas??



My problem is definatley down to buffer underun. For some reason Nero is turning this off when it is loaded (if i forget I get a coaster). What I have to do now is load Nero put my disk in, load plextools check buffer underun. Normally it is off, I turn in on click to another drive and then back to make sure the settings are stored and then I burn. I no longer do anything else while burning to make sure.

I dont know if it is a problem with Nero or a problem with the fact it is an external drive but it very anoying.

You may want to check yours in the same way I have done.


Well, I don’t get buffer underruns, BURN-PROOF (or whatever it is) is active. You can enable/disable it from within Nero, you don’t need to go to Plextools. Start your compilation, then next to the burner name at the top, click the CD-ROM drive icon next to it, then click OPTIONS button, then check BURN-Proof. Or just import this into regedit. Save the following file to a file “burnproof.reg” (In notepad, be sure to use the " " around the name or you’ll get burnproof.reg.txt):

—start - don’t copy this----
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Ahead\Nero - Burning Rom\Recorder]

----end - don’t copy this—
This will also make Nero show you the “real” recording speed (the ShowSingleRecorderSpeed" and/or Speed entry.


What model is your external case, or is it generic?? I was thinking it might be some issue with the USB2.0 chip in the case (I haven’t opened mine up yet to see what it is yet, going to do that soon).


It is some sort of generic USB 2.0 case, sorry I can be more precise. I have checked my registry settings and they are already set as suggested but Nero still turns buffer underun protection off when loading.

I have emailed Nero support so see what they have to say.

Will keep you posted.


Well it looks like there was just some strange incompatability between the 708A and the “CRU Dataport 525” case we were using, I tried the 708A in a different (Bytecc) case and it worked fine. The only other thing I can think of is that the CRU case had a different sort of power adapter (a power converter inline on the cable) than the other 2 we tried, both of which had the power supply built into the case design.

One other thing I can think of…have you used www.WindowsUpdate.com to download all the critical and recommended XP updates, especially SP1? SP1 fixed alot of the USB2.0 problems in XP, and there is an additional USB update available also. As suggested early on, did you try using the drive in a desktop PC to see how it goes?