708a firmware 1.05



i know that fw1.05 got pulled cos of a bug but does anyone know where i can download that firnware. my reason being i want to update from fw1.04 to fw1.05 then from fw1.05 to fw1.06. that way i can get the updates from fw1.05 then fix the bug with fw1.06. would be gratefull if anyone can find sites with fw1.05 available for download.

by the way - if anyone wants to flash their 708a to have rpc1 status then take a look at this site http://tdb.rpc1.org
they rpc1 firmwares based around the official fw1.04 and fw1.05



A newer firmware also has the changes from the previous firmware! So if you install v1.06 you will of course also get the changes from 1.05 (without the DVD-R/RW bug in it of course). So, there is no need to install 1.05 first, you can install 1.06 directly!


if u must have it just pm me with your e-mail address & I’llsend it to u.


I went from 1.04 to 1.06 and it didn’t complain. As I said in another post I haven’t tried to burn yet. I was HOPING they’d get it right this time but it seems I may have jumped the gun on this firmware. Grrrr.


flashed my 708 with v1.06 firmware from plextor.be and then with region free firmware from with http://tdb.rpc1.org.
Driveinfo does show DVD is now region free.

but I still cannot get my Japanese (Region 2) DVD’s working :frowning: (DVD was originally set to USA, Region 1). Drive just continue to search for a disc (either yellow light or blinking yellow, but not a green one), explorer does not show any disc and just “hangs”
using: DVDRegion free 3.32 and Power DVD 5.

do I miss any things? any things I have to pay attention to?
help is very much appreciated