708a f/w 1.04 Nero CD Speed Error



I finally ditched my Nero 5.5 that came with the 708a f/w 1.04 drive and installed the new Nero as I have heard there are no issues but…

I just have burnt 3 data CDs with Verbatim CD-Rs, burn is successful, all files can be read on the CD using Nero CD-Speed Scandisk File test but using surface scan the last sector of each CD is unreadable. Anyone else seen this? Should I be concerned? Everything burnt with Nero 5.5 doesnt give any scandisk errors.



Nothing is wrong here. I’m not sure of the exact cause, but I believe it has something to do with closing of the sessions.

I have various CD-Rs burned on the PX-708A and the Toshiba SD-R2212 that exhibit this issue and no data loss or other problems are associated with it.

Also note that, in my experience, the PX-708A with firmware 1.06 won’t generate this red sector at the end.