708A DVD Writing problem (fw 1.4)


I’m having some problems when I write DVD’s with my 708a.

The led allways blinks 3 times orange, and one time yellow (buffer underrun). This sequence repeats the whole time.

Normally it would keep blinking orange in a rate going faster and faster.

I don’t care about the blinking, but this means that I can’t get to optimal write speed. I used Nero 6.3 and CloneDVD, both the same problem. They indicate write speed 4x, (time 12min) but actually it takes about 50 minutes to write the damn thing.

I still use the same DVD’s to write to (“Blue dragon A-class”)

I didn’t have this problem when I first bought it, but I’ve upgraded to fw1.4

Does anyone recognize this problem, or can anybody tell me what I should do to find out ?


DMA is probably not enabled for your drive. Are you using Windows XP? Read the FAQ to find out how to get XP to enable DMA again for your drive. You will have to delete your IDE channel in device manager and reboot. That will make Windows re-install the channel and enable DMA again. Please report back if this doesn’t solve your problem or when you need more help. You are using the internal version of the Plextor PX-708A drive right?


I absolutely agree. The blinking comes from buffer underruns. I had the same problem. Simply enable DMA (delete Secondary Ide Controller in Device Manager, reboot and there you have it or manually change PIO to DMA if possible) After enabling it, my buffer was never less than 95%!!! It speeds up recording tremendously.



That did it.

my second IDE controller showed one device not using DMA. I uninstalled all ide controllers like you said. XP installed them both after reboot. now all devices show “use DMA if available”

Burn speed is now optimal again.

Thanx a lot !!!

No problem, it’s a common problem. Windows XP has some DMA issues unfortunately.

Is there anyway to discover this DMA-problem that Windows XP has without going to the Device Manager before everytime you should burn ?

/The Collector :smiley:

Normally you don’t have to check the IDE properties every time when you want to record something. Normally DMA will stay enabled so you don’t have to worry about this. Only occasionally will DMA be switched back to PIO mode but you will quickly notice this because of the drive’s performance decrease.

I´ve changed the settings to for transfer mode to “Use DMA if possible” but “Current tansfer mode” is almost always set to “PIO Mode”, is there anything else I can do ?


Yes, remove that IDE channel and reboot. Windows XP will then re-recognize the drives attached to that channel and hopefully enable DMA. If that doesn’t work read through the FAQ. It has a section that deals with DMA in Windows XP. Good luck!