708A DVD Video on DVD+R discs

I have tried several times to burn a DVD Video on Verbatim 4x DVD+R discs that will be recognised in my DVD player without success. I have tried all speeds. The burn is successful and will play on computer DVD drives.

But oddly enough, if I burn using Verbatim DVD+RW discs then my DVD player will play them no problem.

However if I burn with my NEC 1100A with the same type DVD+R discs my DVD player plays them.

I use the version of Nero that came with the drive for burning.

Any ideas of where I should go from here? I’m reluctant to change my DVD player as it plays everything I have ever thrown at it apart from video DVD+R discs burned with my 708A.


Weird… When burning with the NEC, are you using the exact same settings? Which software are you using to burn your DVD-Video’s with?

I’m using the version of Nero that came with the drive, Plextor and I have the latest 1.03 firmware. On the NEC I’m using Nero (on another machine)

I have investigated further, I tried a Fujifilm +R and that wont play either but a Fujifilm -R will. I have looked through my collection and found DVD videos burnt by a friend for me again on a Verbatim +R on his Panasonic (I think it is) and that works in my home DVD player too.

It seems its just +R media. I have written to Plextor Europe to see what they have to say.


When burning with both Nero versions, are you sure you’re using the same settings? Perhaps you could try this; install CloneDVD and try to burn a DVD+R disc with that. I use CloneDVD for burning and the produced discs work perfectly in my Xbox and Sony standalone DVD player. CloneDVD can be downloaded as a trial version so you can try it out for free. When the CloneDVD DVD+R discs do work then you’ll know if the problem is related to your Nero settings.

I will certainly try it but if I burn the exact same project on a -R it plays, oo a +RW it plays but on a +R it doesnt, the only difference is the DVD type and the Nero settings are identical in both cases… puzzling


Originally posted by bamsebo
Yes, I agree… Please report back your experiences with CloneDVD!

Have absolutely no problem with same drive , same Verbatim x4 disks (burn them x8) and Panasonic DVD.

G@M3FR3@K, I was trying to burn a DVD authored in DVDLab, I could try and burn straight from there as a test?


You could try that… Also, please let us know the exact model number of your DVD player. It could be that this drive simply cannot play DVD+R discs. Have you tried playing the DVD+R disc in other players from different manufacturers?

I have just heard from Plextor Europe:

“This problem is related to the booktype setting. There are a lot of standalone players on the market that can only read a self burned DVD+R when the booktype is changed from DVD+R to DVD-ROM. However this is not possible with the plextor. A solution to this problem is to use DVD-R/RW or DVD+RW.”

which in my book is no solution at all as I bought the unit to burn at 8x, if I wanted ot burn at 4x I could have found a much cheaper unit. :o(


Ah I see, so I was partially right. The problem isn’t really caused by your Plextor but by your DVD player since it cannot read DVD+R media without changing its book type.

But thats not a user setting I have seen when I have burned them on the NEC. Is it that some burners do that automatically then to make the +R discs they produce more compatible with home players? If so then why doesnt the Plextor support such a facility? Oh well I had better look out for a burner that can do what I want! :slight_smile:

Hmm I overlooked that before. So what you’re saying is your DVD player does play the DVD+R discs you burn with the NEC recorder? That is strange since I don’t think the NEC will change the booktype without you selecting it (I don’t even know if the NEC can change it!). You can try Nero CD-DVD Speed. Start this tool and insert a DVD+R disc which your burned with the NEC. In the lower right corner you can see what kind of disc it is. It will say DVD+R or DVD-ROM. If it says the latter the booktype has been changed but I doubt this. Have you replied to Plextor yet telling them that DVD+R discs burned by your NEC do work in your DVD player?

Maybe I’m overlooking something obvious :confused:

Thanks for the info G@M3FR3@K, yes my +R movies burnt on the NEC do do play in my home player. I did as you suggested and the NEC apparently does change the booktype to DVD-ROM, that must be automatically done by the burner when you burn a DVD video with +R. Plextor almost said as much as they said the 708A didnt do this.

Have since heard back from Plextor, they maintain their drives stick to the +R specs. I pointed out that as admirable as this may be, from an end user point of view it makes an otherwise excellent drive unsuitable for many who will burn DVD movies at 8x! I asked how do I obtain a refund but in his latest e-mail he didnt answer :bigsmile:


Thanks for the info bamsebo, I didn’t know that about the NEC. I personally don’t have a problem with the PX-708A not allowing to change the booktype since my Sony DVD player and several others play DVD+R just fine. If Plextor doesn’t give you a refund (which I think they won’t since the drive is not broken) you might want to look into buying a DVD player that supports DVD+R playback. Or you can of course burn to DVD-R instead but that would take longer since you cannot benefit from the 8x recording.

There is no Dual format Writer on the Market that lets you change the book setting. Nec +R ONLYdrives have this Auto programed into the writer along with HP. After fighting this battle first with Sony and then with Plextor I have found that with both companies they say it is much too difficult to allow for this. My suggestion. Bring a +R disk that you made to a local Electronics store and try before you buy. I have a JVC that will play everything, Most name brand DVD players will play everything. I just bought a KLH DVD player from Best Buy for only $29.00 US It will play everything. The 2 players I had that will Not play +R disks was my 1st Generation PS2 and a Minetek 1600. Good luck and don’t expect being able to change the book type on any Dual format DVD Writer any time soon.

I added a link where you can go and learn about compatability bit-setting.


many thanks for the info jcurrier31, yes I have also discovered what you say. My DVD player seems to have been one of the earlier “play everything you can throw at it” cheaper ones from Cyberhome but +R seems to have eluded them. Later models seem to offer +R compatability and the manufacturer is looking into a BIOS upgrade for the player.


I just recently bought the plextor drive and have had nothing but success with it so far. I am using Verbatim 4x disks that burn at 8x w/out a problem and subsequently play in my dvd player (sony dvpns715p) but only with a little manuevering. I am using Nero 6 software to burn (i believe its just plain old and found out that in order for dvd+r disks to work in my dvd player, I have to burn them in udf mode. Also, when the dvd begins to play, it pauses at the copyright screen and then says “disk is dirty”. I found that by just hitting stop, then play again, it bypasses this and plays flawlessly and beautifully! I wanted to post this so anyone who may be a first timer (like I was and still am!) can see and read this info. I went thru a spindle of $30 disks and tons of hours on google searching for information like this, so hopefully I can help someone out! If anyone has any clue how I can get around that “disk is dirty” error, please do let me know.

BTW/FYI- I only ‘back up’ dvd’s…I would never infringe on Copyrights! :slight_smile:

Perhaps you need to tweak your burning method with Nero. Have you tried this method? When I burn with Nero I use that method and so far it has worked every time. Lately I have been using CloneDVD for burning my DVD-Video disc because I’ve found it works easier than Nero. Just my personal experience though, feel free to disagree!

just as a PS to my last submission I found on the Cyberhome .de website (not the .com one, why, who knows?) a firmware upgrade for the player and now it will play DVD+R discs where the booktype is +R. Sometimes we do have to jump through hoops dont we :bigsmile: