708A & CloneDVD fastest burn is 6X

I am able to burn @ 8X with other programs with Rig 1 but for some reason not with CloneDVD


Nobody has some type of a guess or answer? Well this past week I have done a lot of things trying to figure this out.

  1. New IDE Cable’s
  2. Formatted and reinstall OS and all software(HATED IT)
  3. Made a lot of moves with the bios(back and forth a lot)
  4. Flashed the PLEX a couple times.
  5. wasting too many DVD’s

Once again, only with CloneDVD that the 708A will not write @ 8X with Rig 1.
Only thing that is different about Rig 1 and Rig 2 are the Motherboards(and color of the case, if they were the same color, I would just switch drives and be done with it, Both Machines have the same software with the same Versions.

It won’t even burn 8X media @ 8X, I get the same results as if they were 4X

Don’t think this matters but I am using the 3rd option to burn and get the burn times

Which CloneDVD Version?
Have you tried to set CloneDVD speed setting to “max”?

I am using, I have set it to Max and even put it at 8X to see if that made any diffrence.

Hmm, I’m out of ideas. You can check your IDE drivers, current CloneDVD doesn’t like 3rd party drivers (next CloneDVD will finally resolve this problem…)

I’m just about of idea’s also. I gotta go buy some more movies to do some more testing with(wasted alot of disk using the current movies, and a little paranoid of having multipule copies of the same movies lying around). I guess I will just have to call plextor and see about getting some faceplate for the drives to switch machine’s.

I paid extra to get the Black 708A, now I’m gonna pay even more to get it back to the normal color, what a joke(the story of my life!!!)

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your inquiry.

Since Rig 1 has an Abit board the drivers may not be able to pass on the large data chunks that our program uses fast
enough. Maybe a mainboard driver update can solve this issue.

Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.


Nico Roehr
Your Elaborate Bytes Team

What kind of crap of a answer is this?

Believe me when I say I have ALL the updates for my motherboards, and the 712A burns faster then the 708A

Do you use 3rd party IDE Busmaster drivers? (INTEL Application Acceleration, VIA, etc.)

If yes, please try the Microsoft drivers.

My IDE Bus Master is disabled in my Bios. Would that be the problem, I remember reading something about uninstall the busmaster in another thread.

Ok, I can’t figure it out!!!

Not sure why they not working together, 708A, Abit IC7 and Clone. I really would like to say they did at one point but Im not sure, because of clonedvd doing everything together and I really never looked at the burn times by itself. The only reason I noticed the slow times, because I was comparing the 712A 8X with the 708A 8X burn times.

I called and order the faceplates, so I will be just switching the drives.

I guess one good thing about it, I have learned with the 712 in this machine, it only takes 19-22 minutes to compress and burn!!!