708A burning prob...1st was 8x now only 4x

I burned onto some GQ media that is 4X R+ the first disc I burnt it did at 8x but now every disc is only at 4x…is there a way to “REUNLOCK” it???
or what happened that first time??

nevermind, I figured it out, odd but …
I guess in my GQ 25 DVDR+ pack I got 2 different disc manufactures mixed in, the first disc was made by some odd manufacture and the rest so far like next 5 or so are made by AML and are 4x discs only…used plextools to find out the disc difference =)
wierd 2 different discs would be in same package.

well this is odd, I looked through the rest of my spindle of 23 or so DVD’s left of that GQ pack and there are like 3 DVD’s that have a inked serial number on back of disc in center, others have a small stamped one…and the dies are different colors…grr this is wack…all cheaper 4x ones which are the small stamped serial numbers also have a huge gash right in the beginning of inner recording area, if this affects my burns…Ima take this pack back…=( does anyone…know if frys electronics sells any 4x media that will burn 8x???