708a & burning issues

any help would be great cos im baffled with this one…

everytime i burn data to a dvd-r disc i always get errors on the recorded dvd. some of the data is readable but others aren’t. why is this? am i doing sumthing wrong? i have burned 6 dvd-r discs so far and all of them contain errors. i can burn dvd movies brillantly but when it comes to data…
its starting to annoy me. any advice? i have the latest 708a firmware, latest nero, running plextools v2.9 and the drive is in UDMA mode 2. i am using bulkpaq media 4x dvd-r discs.


Check out Plextor’s compatibility chart. It could be the brand of media you are using that is causing the errors.


If you want try this burning program called IMG TOOL BURN.