708a & best media

hi, i just wanna know, from all u guys who own a 708a, which is the best dvd-r media to use. the reason why im asking this is because im having trouble with bulkpaq media and 708a. everytime i burn data to the discs, i keep getting errors. ive been told to try and use different media. any suggestions would be great.

p.s. anybody else having trouble with burning dvd-r discs with the 708a? u keep getting errors? what solutions have u come up with?


I’ve had really good results with TY. A bit more expensive, but for me it is worth it.

Yes Taiyo Yuden is great media but expensive. I am currently using Samsung DVD-R 4x media manufactured by BeAll. They work great in my Plextor PX-708A @ 4x and they’re cheap (around €60 per 50). Even my Xbox plays them and that is a very picky drive.

I got TDK 4x DVD+R at Best Buy last weekend, 100pack for 99$. Work great in my 708a …and burn at 8X!!!

.:smiley: Just awesome :smiley:

Anyone have any experience with Ritek G04 media ?

There are a few retailers that have them for less than 1$ ea. in bulk.

BTW. I just ordered some BeAll media for a trial. Thanks for the tip G@M3FR3@K!

I have had excellent results with verbatim DVD+R 2.4X and 4X. and recently tried arita 4X which I purchased from newegg 100 pk. 96.99 and free shipping.

Dvdinfo says the arita’s are ricoh’s

I’ve had good success with Memorex+

Burns at 8X


I have had Zero failure with Ritek G04 media
I have two standalone players…Samsung and Yamaha.
Works in Koss as well!

"I got TDK 4x DVD+R at Best Buy last weekend, 100pack for 99$. Work great in my 708a …and burn at 8X!!! "

I also have good experience with these disks!!
But I cant find them for cheap!
I burn them at 8X as well

i would also highly reccomend the TDK DVD+R

burns at 8x in my 708a, they are RICOHJPNR01.

got mine at best buy 100 for $120, they seem fairly easy to find. hard to find good sales tho. got a ton of good burns, only coasters are on account of my compatibility woes in my system.

anyhoo they work in every dvd player ive tried, and my PS2…

Well, the BeAll’s arrived (G40001).

Burned a couple of discs and they played perfectly in all (4) of my standalones and DVD-ROM (3) drives. Nero Scandisc came up clean as well. Too bad I don’t have a Litey burner to Kprobe them. Would like to see the error counts compared to the TY I was using.

For half the price of the TY, I think I can live with them (as long as they don’t “fade away” in a few years)!

Thanks again for tip G@M3FR3@K.

Ritek G04’s work flawlessly
TDK +R’s burn @8X (RICOHJPNR01) with great results.
Taiyo Yuden works perfectly.