708A and formatting CD-RW


I tried to format a CD-RW with Quick Format (both Plextools and Nero). Both tries failed. The led turned orange and the drive started formatting, but it drive hung up and continued an endless formatting operation. I had to restart to PC to stop the process.
Then I put the same CD-Rw into my good old 1210Ts and it had no problem with the same job.
Any guess???


What vendor, size, and speed is the media? The 708A will use normal speed @4x, high speed @10x, and Ultra speed @24x. Old media that may work on the 1210 may not work on the 708A.

Yes, you are right. It is a max. 2x media from Princo. I did not know that PX 708A does not support this type of CD-RW.

regards, Mark

Mine did the exact same thing. Only the process killed my drive. When I rebooted the system came back online and the 708A was recognized, it just will no longer read any media. DVD, CDr, CD, Game, NOTHING. Of course this is a year and 1 month so the warranty is no good. i wonder how many customers Plextor is losing every 13 months…

jeez, you act like Plextor does this on purpose and/or that all plextor drives are like this (and no other brand has defective/failed drives :rolleyes: ). i’ve had 2 plex’s for more than 13 months and both are working just fine - one happens to be a 708UF.