708A and DVD XCopy

I have had trouble with DVD Xcopy and XCopy Xpress. I just bought my Plextor and XCopy earlier this week. My first 2 calls consisted of them telling me to try different media(I have a fortune in media now since it is non-returnable after opened) and to uninstall and reinstall. I even went as far as to reformat my drive and only install DVD XCopy and Xpress. On the 3rd tech support call to 321 Studio, I finally got an answer. She said the staff was just told today that XCopy and Xpress are not compatable with the 708A. They are working on a patch but who knows how long it will take for them to fix the problem. I know this is a great program by all the reviews and comments from people that own it but for anyone owning the Plextor drives beware.
Hope this helps.

Thanks for informing us, nanllyn. Good work but too bad it doesn’t do you any good.

I have an HP 200i that I’ve used with XCopy since it was first released. Worked fine. Got the 708a a couple of weeks ago. Still no problems.
I don’t know if you copy DVD the same as I, but, I rip the movie with XCOPY or XPRESS then rename the folder before closing XCOPY. If you don’t rename it will delete the folder.
THEN…I use Nero 6 to burn. Nero 5.5 worked fine too.

I have the latest version of Platinum installed now.

Running XP Pro

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I don’t have the 708a, however I use the same process as 2sleepy with my nec-1300a (another drive that has issues with regular xcopy.)

I rip the dvd w xcopy, rename the temp folder (usually the movie name), create a new temp folder, close xcopy and then use CopytoDVD to burn.

So, judging from your posts, the problem the Plextor drive is having with the DVDXCopy software is in the writing process and not in the decryption process… Thanks for the extra info guys! I think I’ll add this info to the FAQ.

Yes it creates the VOB files etc. OK and burns but doesnt finalise the burn for some reason. Rather than using DVDXCopy to create the VOB files there is a freeware program at http://www.dvdshrink.org/ that gives you more control over what you actually backup from your DVD

My problem is that it will do part 1(unencrypt the movie I think and rip to hard drive) but when it starts part 2(the burn?) it locks up as soon as it starts and I get a “error reading sectors” or the dreaded XP error window that states “Program has become unstable and windows will shut it down” error. This happens every single time. I have been able to back up my hard drive so I know the 708a will burn. I also tried another way to see if it is a problem with my computer. I used DVDDecrypter, then DVDShrink and burned it with Nero 6.0.19. Burned just fine but for some reason I got no sound playing on my computer and it will not play on my stand alone. But it did burn. Good quality too I might add. Anyway, 321 studio stated that their program is not compatable with the 708A and they were currently working on a fix but had no idea when it would be realeased. I love my Plextor and love the choice of 8X but if I can’t use it to backup movies then I don’t think it is the right drive for me. Any thoughts on whether I should try another drive or wait for the update?

You may have other issues here nanllym but not related to the drive.

When DVDXCopy crashes does it leave the VOB files? If so, or if not, do as another poster has done, rename the folder it creates so it doesnt delete them on exit, then exit and try burning those with Nero to a DVD and see if it works.

Another thing to try is the version of Nero that came with the burner to rule that out, Plextor has advised to use 5.5 as 6 still has probems with the 708a.

The other thing to check is did you unencrypt the correct sound track using DVDShrink which may explain whey you didnt have sound on your finished movie.

And not playing on your stand alone player could be something else entirely, I have burned all sorts of CD-R/RW and DVD+R/+RW with DVD films, miniDVD, mp3s, SVCD films etc. on both DVDs and CDs, on my 708a and my cheap player ($70!) will play everything that its thrown at it, yet a friends expensive Sony machine wont even play homemade CDs let alone anything else…


Wether or not a DVD-Video DVDR works in a standalone player depends highly on the used settings in, for instance, Nero Burning Rom. I prefer to use Nero 5.5 and use this method for making DVD-Video back-ups. So far my back-ups work in every player I’ve tried, including picky Sony PS2 and Xbox consoles.

Thank you for your reply. So I should do everything through XCopy but burning the files? To do that, do I just choose “No” when it stats “found burnable media do you want to autimatically burn.” Then does it leave the files in a folder for me to rename? Then once I rename them then I should burn it using Nero? Just making sure I understand. Also I thought that I read in this forum that Nero 6.0.15 had problems with Plextor but it was fixed in 6.0.19, is this not true? If not I will dig out my old cd of Nero 5.5.9. Do I burn them as ISO’s or as a DVD-Video? I have seen both mentioned in these forums. I was burning it as a DVD-Video.
Also to answer a couple of other questions. When XCopy crashes I can never find the files so I wasn’t sure if it was putting it somewhere I didn’t know or if it is deleting them. I now believe it is deleting them?
Regarding DVDShrink question, I choose all the files including the empty Audio file. Is that the correct audio file you were referring to?
I have a brand new Toshiba SD-K625 stand alone player. I know it could be that it doesn’t play the movies but I really think it is that the DVD’s are not burning properly at this point. What kind of dvd player do you have?

Yes, decrypt the files via DVDXCopy but don’t let it burn automatically. If I’m correct you can select a temp. folder where you want the decrypted files to be stored. Now, when the decrypting process has been completed go to that temp. folder and rename it. You can now close DVDXCopy but it will not delete the files. Don’t close it before renaming the folder as DVDXCopy will delete the files…

Use the method I mentioned to write the files. I prefer Nero 5.5 but should also work. But, the method I described uses the ISO/UDF method and it works for Nero 5.5 and Nero 6 up to v6.0.0.15. In Nero v6.0.0.19 you have to use the DVD-Video compilation. I know this is confusing so that’s why I personally went back to where I know the burn method I mentioned works.

I have the Sony DVP-NS330 myself for playing my back-ups.

Yes I have used xcopy with success in this way for a long time.
In fact, I can’t remember the last time I had Xcopy do the burn.
I have two huge hard disks so I can afford to “keep” a copy on my Hard drive until I see if there were any problems playiing back on stand alone. I have had only a few times I have gone back and reburned.
I have noted from other forums that DVD-r seems to not be as compatible on standalones as +R is. While +R is a bit more it is also faster or has the ability to be faster than -R.

I was having the same problem with my new Plexy and Xpress…321 just released version 3.20 and it works as advertised…at last

Hi, I’m a newbie at this and am also having trouble with my Plextor PX708a and DVD X Copy Xpress. I upgraded to the newest version 3.2.0 and am still having bunring errors. I decided to use X Copy Xpress to rip the files to my HD and would like to try to use Nero to burn the files. I riped the entire movie, but was wondering what the best way was to use Nero (I have 6.0019 btw) to burn it.

I don’t know if I should just use Nero as data dvd or if I should have it on another setting before I burn. Also, do I just drag it onto the dvd directly from the root or need to do anything else? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

I’d say try version 3.21 which came out late laste week. If that doesn’t work then burn with Nero…yes, just drag and drop the folder from the xpress temp folder.

I was able to use DVD X Copy Express 3.21 and the plex 708a.

I never tired any of the earlier versions.

The only problem I experienced was in the slow read speed, (even after holding the eject button for 3 seconds) but the write process took under 8 minutes. I chose to copy the entire DVD menus…etc… etc…

I am using firmware 1.03
And Memorex 4x DVD+R


Rename the folder that XPRESS creates to whatever…usually the movie title is good.

Then open Nero and choose the VIDEO DVD and drag your files to the burn window.
Then just let it go. Use RW media at first or always to avoid the coaster syndrome though…

I have a new Plextor DVD Burner (708A) and also have a copy of DVD-xcopy platinum. I know there is an incompatibility issue (waiting for xcopy to provide a patch/fix).

I have Nero and have followed some of the suggestions regarding how to use Nero in combination with xcopy platinum.

Here’s my situation. I was attempting to “backup” my copy of Animal House. It contains 6 titlesets, the titleset 1 exceeds the 4.x gb that will fit on one DVD without any compression (I don’t want to lose any quality). I run xcopy and split titleset 1 between disk 1 and disk 2, and add titlesets 2-6 to disk two. After it successfully copies out to my hard-disk, I then copy the files of disk 1 over to a different directory, then use Nero to create the DVD backup for disk 1 using DVDvideo, new compilation, and I’m succesful in creating the first disk - it plays fine in my dvd player and tv.

Now I want to create the second disk that contains the remainder of titleset 1 and titlesets 2-6 which will fit on disk two, however in xcopy platinum, I don’t quite know how to “split” for “DISK 1” the balance of titleset 1 (chapters 32-36) and the titlesets 2-6. How do I create the second disk as disk 1 to be able to create the disk 2 image out to my hard drive for the Nero software then to create the image and burn to the DVD backup?

Any feedback will help.

I have the 708A and DVD X Copy Platinum v3.2.1.0 and don’t have a problem burning in either the Advanced or the Express modes. Is the Express mode of DVD X Copy Platinum different than if you just buy DVD X Copy Express?