708a and 40/12/40a , cd speed errors

Hello i got 2 plextor drives ( 708a and 40/12/40a)
and i installed nero cd/dvd speed 3.75 to test quality of the burns ,
but in nero cd speed , it’s not detecting any of my drives …

Could this have something to do with running on the nforce2 ide drivers ???

CD DVD Speed doesn’t detect my 716A (actually the “Start Button” becomes greyed out) on my Intel chipset-based motherboard either.

According to the CD Speed website the Nero CD-DVD Speed Disc Quality Test does not work with Plextor drives. If you want to perform PI/PO tests then you have to use either PlexTools Professional or PlexTools Professional XL.

BUT unfortunately the so-called Q-Check functions of the PlexTools software only work with:

-Premium (C1/C2 [CD-R/RW] error scanning)
-PX-712A (C1/C2 [CD-R/RW] and PI/PO [DVDR/RW] error scanning)
-PX-716A (C1/C2 [CD-R/RW] and PI/PO [DVDR/RW] error scanning)

So with your drives (PX-708A and PX-W4012TA) you cannot use these functions. There is nothing you can do about this unfortunately. Sorry…

ok m8 , thanks for the answers :wink:

BTW is it best to use the ms ide drivers , or the nforce2 ide drivers ???
is 1 more likely to get problems with burns ???

well i just rolled back the ide driver to the standard ms ide driver , and both drives now work with nero cd/dvd speed , so it must be the nforce drivers that stop it from working

But you still won’t be able to perform the Disc Quality Tests :wink: