708a 1.03 - How I resolved my E2 and coaster problems

I bought one of those 50packs of Memorex 4x +R media and 10 out of 20 discs failed burning at 4x. 2 failed at lead out, 1 locked my machine at lead out, and the rest had E2 errors rendering files unreadable.

So I switched to my old standby media TDK 4x and had the exact same problems (but less so).

I upgraded to the latest version of Nero with no affect.

The first memorex disc I tried to burn at 8x locked my machine solid. I had never been able to burn anything at 8x.

So I disabled powerrec in Nero and in Plextools. I have burned 5 of the memorex discs in 3 days and not had a single E2 or problem burning. And I burned them at 8x!

I remembered that I had similar problems doing DAO burning on my Liteon with certain versions of Nero and that turning off their version of powerrec resolved it. It appears to work here as well.

I think it is some sort of compatability problem between the drive, Nero, and the media.

This won’t let you burn a cheap 4x at 8x without problems but it has allowed me to burn “approved” media without errors at any speed.

Good luck.

BTW I contacted Memorex regarding the coasters. 1 week later I got a package from FedEx. They sent me 2 50 packs of 4X DVD+R in response. What a great show of customer service!

Very weird, PoweRec is supposed to improve write performance for media that’s not fully supported. But it’s good to hear you solved the problem, thanks for letting us know!