708 versions

I have back my plextor. It’s a new one. Does somebody knows the difference between TLA#0002 and TLA#0206? I know that last number is the firmware version, and i think that 2 instead of 0 is hardware revision, but technically, what are the differences? Of course, a conclusion: Plextor has the best warranty.

Unfortunately Plextor doesn’t release information on hardware changes. You can ask them but it’s unlikely they will give you the info. You are right when you say that the first two digits indicate the hardware revision while the last two digits indicate the installed firmware version.

thanks G@M3FR3@K. No, i won’t ask. I’m happy with my new drive even i don’t know the difference :wink:

hehe - my new 712 is TLA #0101 :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe it’s better than TLA #000x? :wink:

u are lucky :slight_smile: