708 seems to love TDK 4x DVD+R - where can I find the best price?

I picked up some TDK 4X DVD+R at Staples … $49.99 for 25.

My new 708 loves these bad boys… burn at 8x, play back in all my DVD Players without problems. Joy!

Still, I have looked around on Pricewatch, etc and haven’t found a place to buy them in bulk (100, etc.) I was sure I could find a better price than $49.99 for 25…

Any ideas guys?



15 for $20.99 this week only at Comp USA. As stated here:

My first 3 TDK 4X’s burned at 8X but then the last one I just burned took 12 minutes instead of 8 so it appears it slowed down during the burn. I could tell it had slowed down just by watching the progress indicator take longer to move while it was burning. Well, getting ready to burn another. We’ll see what happens. I will probably go buy another spindle of 15 tomorrow at CompUsa. Have you tried any yet aviationwiz?