708 problems with audio cds

Hello to everyone. I’m new here.

I got my Plex 708 about 4 months ago (type 0001). Since then I have gradually upgraded the firmware up to 1.4.

I was burning some DVD material from the very beginning quite succesfully using Studio8 (video editing program). Recently I have managed to burn even a couple of backups of the movies.

However, I have had problems with audio CDs since the beginning (with Nero 4.54). Initially the burn process failed every time during the simulation with all different media I happened to have available. At the same time my LG CD burner worked without a hitch. When I upgraded the firmware to 1.2 (or 1.3) the CD burning started to work OK. However, with my Sony CD media, although the simulation went OK, the burn process failed wright in the beginning. In fact it hadn’t burnt anything at all, and I was able to burn the project with LG to the same disc.

When I upgraded to 1.4, I managed to burn a project on the same Sony media. However, after the speed check Nero tells me that it can only burn with the speed of 16x (instead of 40x) because “the origin of the data is slow” (this is a translation to english). Regardless of this the end result is pefect.

Would anyone be able to diagnose this problem?


Some PC info: Pentium 4, 2,56 GH, RAM 1024, Windows XP, 2x80 GB Maxtor, Asus

OK - this was a beginner’s problem.

The reason for the slow speed was that I let Nero first do the maximum speed check. I don’t know why it gives a rather slow maximum speed, but the instructions of Nero tell not to use the maximum speed check if you have the burn-proof activated. I did some experiments without using the maximum speed check and I managed to burn at max speed (40x) even on the previously troublesome Sony media.

Good to hear that ismo. Which Nero version are you using? 4.54 doesn’t exist :wink: It’s recommended to use Nero v6.3.0.2 with the PX-708A drive because earlier Nero 6 versions had a lot of problems with the Plextor drive. Or are you still using Nero 5.5?

You are right G@M3FR3@K. The Nero is version 5.5, which came with the 708.

What benefits would the new give me over the 5.5?


Nothing much really. If Nero 5.5 works fine for you then there is no need to upgrade to Nero 6. I personally like Nero 6 better because it looks nicer and has a little more options when compared to Nero 5.5 (like for instance, you can start a new compilation while burning another one). But, if you were already using Nero 6 then it’s recommended to upgrade to the latest versions because, as said, there were problems with the early Nero 6 version and this Plextor drive.