708 Burner Must Read ASAP!

I have gone through at least 50 hours of testing the burner with all aps I could possible use. The burner is software problematic. NERO and Roxio dont work. The list of programs that work with this burner in +R mode are as follows

Record Now Max
DVD Decrypter(Only the newest version)

I gurantee your problems recording to the +format will be solved with these programs. Also make sure to use Verbatum. Sams club has them in spindles of 25. Lable is Ricoh.

To my knowledge Verbatim is about the only make that does not relable Ricoh!

Thanks for the information chipvideo and welcome to our forum. Could you elaborate a bit more on problematic? I mean, we all know Nero has its problems with the Plextor but v5.5.10.42 and v6.0.0.19 should work just fine. I’m using the 5.5 version without problems? I’ve also been using the older DVD Decrypter version without any problems. I’ve now upgraded to the latest version but I always do that :wink:

I agree with G@M3FR3@K, Nero Versions v5.5.10.42 and v6.0.0.19 should work fine in all cases. For me, the latest Nero 5.5 Version (v also works perfectly.

Tell us about your problems.


Well, Nero version has caused two coasters for me with the End of Disc error.

So that version is a no go for me anymore.

I’ll wait for a bug free release. :slight_smile:
(Or a plextor firmware update…)

I think it could be a chipset/software incompatibility. I just know that the +R did not work for me with nero,roxio. The newest dvd decrypter does work however. The older one doesn’t.

I have a amd chipset. I just know that you will have perfect burns with decrypter in iso mode as well as recordnow max and tmpge dvd burner.