708 and Pinnacle Studio8

Has anyone got experiences using 708 to burn homevideos with Studio8 program?

I have done a few, and when I played them with my 3-year old standalone Grundig DVD, the films had occasional jumps and jerks. With 708 the films played well.

Well, I had a feeling that the Grundig player wasn’t quite up to scratch, and therefore I recently bought a new Sony player. I have checked a couple of my homemovies with Sony and they play without any problems at all.

However, I’m not totally relieved, because it is obvious, that there is something wrong in those discs. The Sony just seems to be able to handle those errors.

Not everyone, who watches my films, have a top quality player and they might experience the same problems as I had with Grundig.

Would this DVD quality problem be related to Plextor drive or perhaps to Studio8 program (which is quite possible based on their forum)?


It’s probably due to a too high recording speed. The PX-708A can record 4x DVD+R media at 8x but not all standalone players will then be able to play the DVDs without problems. 8x recording doesn’t affect playback on computer DVD-ROMs. If you are already recording at a lower speed then it might be a good idea to try some other media. Please report back if you want to know more!

I should have told that I use always RW media (Sony(Ricoh)+RW), because the chance for errors with Studio8 and with the home movies in general is so high.

I don’t know what speed Studio8 is using, and I haven’t seen any function to change it.

Maybe I should try to burn on +R directly?

Yes, burn directly to +R discs. The problem you’re having is because you are using +RW discs. These disc have a lower reflectivity than +R discs and often a higher error rate which causes the jumps you reported. If you use good DVD+R discs your problems will probably be solved. Remember that 8x recording on 4x media can also cause jumps and quirks. If this happens lower the recording speed to 4x. Good luck!