708-A slowing to 4x at end of burn


I am burning DVD-rips from the HDD. Towards the end of the burn, using Nero, the burn speed lowers to 4x. I have Nero set to show actual recording speed. When the burn finishes it I get a pop up that says burn completed successfully at 8x.

Is this something with firmware 1.06?

I am using TDK (CMC magnetics) media rated at 4x


Most probably the drive lowers the speed at the end of the recording where the its the highest cause it finds errors. Have you tried with other better media like TY to see if you get the same slowdown?


Thanks for the reply. That is what I thought too. But I’ve noticed when POwer-Rec kicks in and lowers the burn speed; the pop-up message at the end of burn will make a reference to power-rec and indicate the speed was lowered.

Something like;

Burn completed successfully at 4X Power-REC


Power-Rec burn completed at 4x

Yes you’re right, i see this too but not all of the times PoweRec kicks in though (in my P4012A). Dont know why.


Sorry, I do not understand your last reply.
Are you suggesting POWER REC can “kick in” and lower the burn speed and Nero will not notify you of this?
Are you suggesting there is something else besides Power Rec that can lower the speed?


I m just saying that it seems to me Nero doesnt report all of the times that PoweRec butts in.


Okay I understand now. So far it is 10 for 10 every DVD I burned slowed to 4x near the end and nothing about Power Rec was mentioned. :frowning:

As Hemispasm suggested, have you tried some other media? If you want you could also try downgrading the firmware of your drive to see if this helps. You can downgrade to version 1.4 for example. However note that I do not recommend doing this. I always recommend using the latest firmware available. Report back with your findings please :wink: