700MB ReWritable CDs

I just got some 700MB ReWritable CDs. They don’t seem to work with my Yamaha 8424s drive. Does anyone know anything about this or if there is a way to upgrade to get it to work?


According to the type number of your Yamaha writer your writer can write rewritables at 4 speed. Nowadays you can buy 2 different kind of rewritables: high-speed CD-RW’s (writing speed above 4 speed) and ‘low-speed’ CD-RW’s (maximum writingspeed = 4 speed) You need to make sure you bought the ‘low-speed’ rewritables…


If the CD says 4-10x compatible that means its a ‘high-speed’ CD-RW?

Thanks for your help!


Could possibly be. I got a 700MB CDRW Disc with my Lite-On and it says 4-12x Multi-Speed; seeing how 12x is the highest rewrite speed out there, I’d think it would qualify as ‘Highspeed’

Originally posted by Kinayda
If the CD says 4-10x compatible that means its a ‘high-speed’ CD-RW?

Hmmm… not completely sure anymore… if it says 4-10x compatible I guess it should work in your 4-sp CD-RW…


I’m almost certain the high-speed RW media uses a different dye type then the older 2x-4x RW media. Maybe a firmware upgrade would help the drive recognize the high-speed RW media. Worth a try me thinks. Let us know.


There’s a ‘media catalogue’ on the chipset of most quality writers. Two things happen if the media is ‘unrecognised’…it writes at a lower speed than expected or the writer will refuse to chance its hand and spit the dummy. I, too, have just ordered some 700MB RWs so I’m hoping that my older 16x test writers will like the feel of these bigger discs :eek:

Every rw-speed above 4x is “high speed” (such as 4-8, 4-10, 4-12).

Usually 4x rw-recorders cannot write to highspeed-rws (not at 4x either). The only 4x CD-RW-writer that can write to high speed rws are the Mitsumi 8/4/32 and the Pioneer dvr-a04 dvd-recorder.