700mb+ Mds Burning



hi i was just wondering how i can burn a 700mb+ MDS file?
i tried using DVD but it wont let me because it only allows to be burned on CDs but it’s too big for a CD.

i’m using alcohol to burn these, but it’s simply to big to be burned. Help is appreciated, thanks. :iagree:


Enable overburning. The file may be over 700mb, but the data itself may actually fit quite nicely on a cd. Did you even try it?


Nope, but i’ll try that now.


I’ve always wondered why people first start talking about a problem and did not even try to test if there actually is a problem. Is it fear?

Are you afraid of your writer? :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:


Haha, well…i find it a problem because a CD is only 700MB but the .msd is over 700mb, so logically, it would not work? i guess it’s a fear. hmm, wastediscphobia :stuck_out_tongue:


Probably because of the myths and fairytales they have heard of or read about, eg. “overburning kills your drive” or “burning as slow as possible gives the best results” and so on… :-[=


Aha, the Megabyte myth. You need to learn how the adressing of a cd-rom format actually works as well as how much bytes a megabyte actually is.

i guess it’s a fear. hmm, wastediscphobia :stuck_out_tongue:
That’s why they invented rewritables! :slight_smile:


eh? overburning kills drives?

oh, i don’t think i have any rewriteables :sad:
so, how does the addressing of a cd-rom actually work?


um i can’t seem to get it to work…


like where’s the overburn button? and i just wasted one CD…



Thanks, it works now.