700MB Burning



Howdy, I’m new here and know a little about burning CD’s, however I have a question. I have a Phillips CD-RW drive, and want to burn 700MB cd’s. I have Nero and CDRWIN. I tried once in CDRWIN, but it said unsupported media typr. Please let me know if I need a patch, or need to change settings. Thank You.


Are you using the latest version of CDR-Win (3.8a). If not, do so. Or use Nero (latest Both of these support 80min/700Mb cd’s.


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hdoesn’t someone know how to create datacd with sectors larger than 2048 bytes? (I’ve seen such as cd with size 780MB…


Maybe your writer doesn’t support 80 minutes CD’s but shuts the writing proces after 74 minutes; most (old) Philips writers don’t support it.


With VOB CD-wizard pro you can burn data with 2352 bytes per sector, which is the same as an audio cd. Only problem is, one scratch on the cd and you can throw it away


Thanx a lot


crazy bob:
Okay, I’got the vob cd wizard (instant cd wizard gold 5), but I don’t see the option to burn such as cd’s (with 2352 bytes/sector) With mode 2 (xa) it didn’t work… could you be more exact? thanx