700mb AVI to 700mb VOB?

Ok I have been using Canopus Procoder for a couple weeks about and I understand it all very well but what I cant seem to get is why cant I convert a 700mb AVI into dvd-mpeg2-vob-ntsc with the same quality settings…? When I load the source file I want to convert the video quality to 1000kbps and 128kbps audio now when I select the source to convert into I can only choose a min audio quality of 192kbps and a min video quality of 2500kbps (6000kbps default) Is there anyway to do a complete convert from avi to vob with the same video/audio quality settings? becuase a 700mb AVI into a 1.8gb VOB dosnt get the quality increase just the file size is bigger.

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When I convert a 700mb avi file to dvd it goes to around 3gb its just what it does extra files and all that.

you know I think I just figured it out… doing a DVD-MPEG2-NTSC-VOB can only be in the resolution 720x480 and im thinking that at that resolution you can only view at a minimum of 2500kbps video… but I dont understand how you can make a 1000kbps video better… its like mp3s you cant convert a 128kbps mp3 into a 320kbps mpe and expect it to sound great the only thing happens is the file size increse… am I right?

An SVCD seems to be a min. of 900kbps…

That is plain wrong.

If im wrong them you must know so share with us please

hi-res is only necessary if the source is in 16:9 according to the DVD specs.



Up to 9.8 Mbps* (9800 kbps*) MPEG2 video
Up to 1.856 Mbps (1856 kbps) MPEG1 video
720 x 480 pixels MPEG2 (Called Full-D1)
704 x 480 pixels MPEG2
352 x 480 pixels MPEG2 (Called Half-D1, same as the CVD Standard)
352 x 240 pixels MPEG2
352 x 240 pixels MPEG1 (Same as the VCD Standard)
29,97 fps*
23,976 fps with 3:2 pulldown = 29,97 playback fps (NTSC Film, this is only supported by MPEG2 video)
16:9 Anamorphic (only supported by 720x480)

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Yes the mpeg2 (vob) file should always be much larger than a divx/xvid avi file.
Be careful when converting from avi (divx) to mpeg2. You can’t gain quality when converting to mpeg2 but you could easily lose quality if you choose too low a bitrate. Depending on how it was compressed, a divx/xvid can be 6 to 7 times more efficient than mpeg2. Therefore when you convert try to go at least 6 times the average avi video bitrate when converting to mpeg2. You didn’t say how long the video is but use a bitrate calculator to see if you new caculated average bitrate will fit on 1 DVD disc. If not then you will have to reduce it. Video duration time in seconds and the average bitrate and [I]not framesize [/I] are the only things you need to worry about when calculating the needed space. I use the term average bitrate because if you use vbr (which I prefer) it’s not the high or low number that count but the average or middle number. The audio bitrate obviously has to be factored in also but there is not much point in increasing that.

I agree that if your avi has a small framesize (resolution) of less than 352x480 there is little to gain by going to 720x480 but if your avi resolution is larger than 352x480 then by all means round it up to 720x480.

Remember that any changes to resolution could affect the display aspect ratio but will not affect the size of the file.


I would like very much to get a copy of the application you wrote to autostart graphedit.exe. Could you post it or a link to it here?

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