700 MB CDs?



I just got a deal on 50 700MB CDs for $45.

When I load one into my burner, Ricoh MP-7040A, it thinks they are the 650MB ones.

Do I need special soft/firmware to recognize the high capacity CDs??

I use Adaptec Direct CD and Easy CD creator as my burning software.



When you look at the file size in windows explorer it will always say that it is a 650 MB cd, if you want to check if it are 80 min cd’s get nero, and click the cd info button.

And with adaptech, there’s a special method to write them.
But for 80 min cd’rs is it better to write them with nero or cdrwin


Where can I acquire Nero or CDRwin?

Are they easy to use? For the 650MB burning, the Adaptec software has been easy to use.

I’m not a complete newbie…but I haven’t hit the big time yet.


for nero and cdrwin !! http://perso.club-internet.fr/farzeno/firmware/cdr/cdrf.htm



And it is really easy to use, just drag & drop the files, label cd, write and finished.

Thats all



I went to both of your sites…didn’t find what I was looking for.

Maybe I need more practice.

All I want is something that will let me burn the 80 min. CDs I have. If my Adaptec software won’t do it, point me in the right direction!