$700 for Panasonic's new Blu-ray player

I just posted the article $700 for Panasonic’s new Blu-ray player.

We’ve all been waiting for a cheap Blu-ray player, but we’ve to disappoint everyone once again. Panasonic’s third generation Blu-ray player, called the DMP-BD50, costs you $699.95. Despite…

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They’re trying to put lipstick on a pig and tell you it’s Paris Hilton.

I’d rather have the pig. At least I can turn it into pork chops and bacon…

They keep introducing new profiles to blu-ray so they can overcharge ppl for “lastest model”

This format should just die. If I see anyone buying these things, I’m going to club them in the head!

Guys, Blaim Panasonic and not blu-ray or sony in general. Nevertheless, it’s outrageous price. Panasonic knows that their product is best seller. Their BD30 in Amazon is #2 for blu-ray player, below Sony BDP-S300, and the BD30 is still selling good at $500. Other reputable stores selling $450 and above. I guess they know business, why would they sell new hot products for less when there are people (not us) that can afford and want to buy at higher price. We can see street price of $599 though. Although I’d expect Retail $599 and street price $499. But it looks like it won’t happen soon! Guess if there’s more Profile 2 standalone in the market (other than PS3) we will see more lesser price? Or other profile 2 standalone will have retail $700??? If that’s the case, go get PS3 for $399.

I feel like I’m Johnny Appleseed. Only instead of travelling around the land planting apples seeds, I’m going to go from site to site bad-mouthing $ony and Blu-ray. In 30 years, when I’m gone, speak fondly of me. “DukeNukem? Yeah, hell of a guy. He really put the boots to $ony, Blu-ray, and DRM. If it wasn’t for him, HD DVD might never have made a comeback”.
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@DukeNukem; LOL, maybe I can join your “Merry Men” clan…

Around 2000 - 2001 I believe, when DVD players were ~ $400, Panasonic released the RP-91 for $1200 officially, but it really sold for around $800. It was an “elite” player, with high end video and audio components and considered one of the better DVD players for a while. Yes, I bought one at the time ! I would hope for $700 there is something better about this blu-ray player than just the new BR profile features, i.e. higher-end components to provide better picutre, less artifacts etc…

I am happy to report that the local Costco has a large stack of Sony model 300 blu-ray players sitting on the showroom floor - idle - not moving - at a $380 price. I just hope it stays that way so the blu-ray camp figures out that they need to offer feature complete and quality standalone players at reasonable prices if they expect their beloved format to grow and/or survive. Until then - it is HD-DVD and upconverted standard def dvd for me. :X

There actually is a difference between Paris Hilton and a pig with lipstick? :o

jus quit making fun uf me. i worked hard fer my reputation. im a ho, not a pig. dam u all i never gonna sleep wit any of u.