7" portable DVD player $86 after rebate

Advueu PD710 Portable DVD Player with 7" Widescreen LCD for $121 with free shipping, and a $35 mail-in rebate is available.

It looks like this DVD player is multi-region capable. http://www.videohelp.com/dvdhacks.php?select=Advueu+PD710

Chiefvalue is a sister company of Newegg.

Thanks for the tip, with the mail in rebate this seems like a really nice deal. I may even get 2 or 3 for gifts. Thanks for the tip.

[I]ADVUEU PD710 Portable DVD Player w/ 7" 16:9 LCD Monitor - Retail

Your Price: $120.99
Mail In Rebate: -$35.00

Final Price: $85.99 [/I]

Very cheap.

Wow, that’s about £46 if it was here in England - amazing find!

Many paper books imported from the UK cost that much in South Korea. (Most of the books I buy are imported either from US or UK.)

The wide LCD alone should cost that much if sold separately.

Wait - you mean books cost £46?? As in ones made out of paper - trees - you can turn the pages? Wow - so is that just a huge lump of tax or something?