7 Hours to burn a 2 hour DVD? HELP!



I am under a deadline and need to burn 20 DVDs as soon as possible. I am running the following:

Gateway Notebook MX6920
Windows XP, Service Pack 2
Centrino Duo intel processor
CyberLink Power2Go software for DVD encoding/burning

I am burning 4 mpg files and a menu, and they total 118 minutes and 4.53 GB.

My software encoded everything, and then got to 6% and failed for some unknown reason.

It was telling me that it was going to take over 7 hours to complete the burning process. Is that about right? Is there better DVD burning software out there that won’t take 7 hours?

Your help is MUCH appreciated!


Hi and Welcome!

Did you encode your files to harddisk or directly to DVD media (which is bad btw.)? You should configure your software in a way, that either a DVD ISO image or a DVD file structure is created on your harddisk. This should be burned with a good DVD burning software like Nero or ImgBurn (the latter is free).
The plain burning process should take about 6-10 minutes per disc, depending on drive and media that are used. What may take a long time, that is the encoding (if necessary at all), and this also depending on the source material and the software you are using. I don’t remember Cyberlink stuff as fast and reliable :bigsmile:



Are you sure that your program has finished the encoding process? Does the dvd you’ve created on your hard drive actually play on the computer? You’ll need a media player with a dvd decoder to play it, like PowerDVD or VLC. VLC is free, or you can get a trial of PowerDVD or WinDVD to test this dvd you’ve made.

Actually burning the dvd to disk shouldn’t take very long—8 and half minutes or so at 8x speed. (times 20 that does add up) Encoding take a quite a lot of time, but 7 hrs seems a bit extreme for a modern processor.

The files that you started with, what are they exactly? Are they mpeg2, and if so, what resolution and type of audio do they have? Use a utility called Gspot to determine their characteristics if you don’t know offhand. http://www.headbands.com/gspot/ If you are lucky you might get by with a simple authoring program rather than reencoding, but it may be a long shot that they are already in dvd compliant form.


As others have said, it is the encoding that is taking so long. If you are needing 20 copies of the same disk, once you have created one, it should take less than 10 minutes per copy to make duplicates.
There is a way you might be able to cheat if your mpeg files are dvd compliant. If you have nero, open start smart, find and click the “make your own dvd video” icon. Change the file extensions of your mpeg files to .vob. Then import them into nero and make a simple menu (if you let nero join the files I think it will make them into a single video file, of you do not join them, you will get 4 separate files with buttons on the menu for each). Nero will not re encode .vob files. It doesn’t always work but sometimes it does, and it might be a lot simpler than trying to figure out authoring software if you are in a rush. There is a free trial of nero if you don’t have it though I’m not sure if there are functional limitations on the trial.