$7.69 Netgear WGR614 54mbps Wireless router

<repost from the Sunday sale thread>
Staples will match CompUSA’s $29.99 sale on the Netgear WGR614 54mbps Wireless router. Staples offers a $25 “easy rebate”
$32.69 after tax, he only gave me a match not the 110% deal - minus a $25 easy rebate comes to $7.69.
This worked for me at Staples:

I went in with a web printout, bring the newspaper ad if you can. The guy verified on the phone that compusa had them in stock locally for $29. He tried to talk me into buying a lynksys product saying that they were better and asking “may I ask why you are buying this over the lynksys?” I have heard differing opinions on this and told him “I was buying it because it was $30,” duh.

The easy rebate worked online just fiine.

Staples may also have easy rebates on Netgear wireless adapters, also on sale at Compusa. This was a 54mbps product not a 108mbps.

Also, the WGR614 was in a cardboard display away from the other routers. At first I thought they were not carrying it. CompUSA sale ends this week and Staples will not match if CompUSA runs out.

Thanks for the tip ryan. Too bad the closest CompUSA is an hour away, don’t think my local Staples will price match.