7/30 Best Buy again has Sony DVD's $14.99

Well looks like it’s time for price matching again.

Sears + Walmart I have seen DVD+R 8x MIJ so get-um while you can!

Is price matching at Walmart as simple as taking the item and newspaper ad up to the cashier?

Is price matching at Walmart as simple as taking the item and newspaper ad up to the cashier?

And is there a limit as to how many of a specific item you can price match?

I had first asked the Lady who runs the electronics Dept. at Walmart (for 10+ years) if they price matched the Best Buy ad and she said yes.

Then a few weeks after that Sony’s were on sale at Best Buy so I took the Ad in and and found 2 MIJ spindles and they price matched it right aways no questions asked.

I suppose YMMV but I don’t think it will be a problem.

looks like its time for me to put my %30 off back to school coupon to use at bb :slight_smile: if it will fly i will buy 7 50pks of sony thats 350 dvds for $105 and use the %30 off coupon for grand total of $73.50+tax :slight_smile:

if u guys need the coupons there around the employ stations at all the best buys if u can find any that is sence the 500 gb wd my book was going to $150 after tax with this coupon many people wiped the stores out on coupons but you can always :bow: to a blue shit for some

I used to get them to price match grocery ads on occation. You would generally just have to show the cashier the ad and they would adjust the price. I’m not sure about quantity limits though.

I don’t have any idea where everybody is getting MIJ Sonys anymore, I went to Sears and Walmart and everyplace else in the State of NJ, there are none except for Sony own MID.

If you have a membership, you might try Sam’s Club. Early June I bought two 75 packs 8X MIJ +R (50 spindle + 25 spindle wrapped together). They were mixed in with all MIT. Even found some where the 50 pack was MIJ but the 25 pack was MIT. The price was $25.73 + tax for a 75 pack.

Thanks Blackhawk327, I have a Sams Club about 10 miles from here, I will give it a go, thanks.

@ alan1476, hey my friend, K-Mart has tons of sony yudens (8x) 50 for $29.99 :doh: I live near Detroit so you might be able to find some in Jersey! my Wal-Mart’s were sold-out. The stuff I buy from Rima (right now) is just as good as any Sony Yuden that I own.

MegaDETH, you 'da man.

I remember seeing some Sony 50DPR47LS3 DVD+R 8x MIJ discs (ie, the coveted Taiyo Yuden “YUDEN000 T02”) at my local Circuit City a month or so ago. Price was a whopping $39.99 for the 50-disc spindle. Thanks to your post here, I just went into Circuit City today and got three spindles for $12.49 each due to their price match plus 10% off policy.

$37.47 for 150 TY discs. Thanks!

At 3.00+ for a gallon a gasoline, I might just as well order from Rima for 38.00 per 100. So what if its 10 bucks more with shipping, it comes right to my door and to tell you the truth, I always buy something else when I go to these stores just to buy media, so for me it is probably cheaper;) :wink:

Is Sears price match the same as Walmart (just take the Best Buy ad up to a cashier)?

and better they give you instant 10% of diff
ie about another $2.5
make sure to take add
they will look at the item code

i ended up getting 350 of them at my bb for $80.22 total but there not TY’s :frowning: they didnt have any them all of them was round spacers but are these still decent even though there not ty’s ?

UPDATE i just triede these out and they SUCK i cant even get the POS to burn looks like i will be returning this crap back to bb and take a $10 loss on the one i opened :frowning: i guess i will wait around till next weeks deals and see what i can get hopefully od brand disk go on sale cause i have a %50 off coupon for them.

Bring this ad to Staples, have them price match, buy at least 3 spindles, use $15 off $40 coupon, So the price match price is around $13 a spindle, buying 3 = $42, - $15 coupon = $27 for 150 disc, + $2 tax. Your milage may varies (ultra high milage for folks who are looking for 8X MIJ spindles)

Hey, urrbodyh8sme… Does the spindle packaging say “Made in Japan” or something else? Are these 1x-8x Sony DVD+R?

there made in taiwan and are 16x even though they dont burn it

pretty much any thing made in taiwan is cheaply made junk

I was going to tell you but since you bought so many I just couldn’t get myself to say it. I knew you would find out for yourself. By the way you can take back the opened package also, just tell them they do not burn right and you are not satisfied. They will refund your money.

Yea, make sure you get the “Made In Japan” ones. I stopped by Circuit City and they had 3 spindles of the DVD+R left. Almost bought all 3 but after checking the labels 2 were MIT so I only got 1. :frowning:

No problems with the 110% pricematching either; the young lady that helped me rang it up and the original price was $39.99. All she said was “Wow…” and charged me $12.49 + tax. :bigsmile: