6th generation tuner in new DTVs?



I’m looking for a new digital TV for over the air reception. 6th gen tuners are known to help with multipath reception problems in urban areas with strong over the air UHF/VHF signals.
What is the best way to find out if a new LCD or Plasma TV has a 6th generation tuner?

  1. Select model, and then spend days googling for relevant info for the tuner inside the particular model?
  2. Find someone that has already purchased a certain model, and either compare it to reception with 2nd analog TV connected to a Zenith DTT900/DTT901 (converter with known 6th gen tuner), or physically open the TV and dig down to the tuner and get the part no. and take pics of the tuner and post on a forum such as CD Freaks?

Thank you,


One place to start might be searching for the model here.

You could also google the model number and the term 6th gen or 6th generation. With any luck you will hit on some reviews that speak of it. The biggest problem you might run into is that companies change design specs a lot so it may be hard to know for sure, even if some have them.