6s0f firmware?



should i upgrade my 52246s from the (old) 6s0a?

i used to be an upgrade junkie (and wouldnt even bother posting this) but i ran into problems which i wont get into (not so much with this drive, but other parts of my pc) when i upgraded something.

so i wanna be PERFECTLY sure that its the best firmware before i flash it. thats why i still got the old 6s0a.

the bug free overburning caught my eye, so i figured i’d get the general consensus as to any problems occuring…


aw hell…why not a poll :stuck_out_tongue:


Some people have said that they have noticed a decrease in write quality.


If you want to upgrade, do it w/ 6S0D. 6S0F is just plain fugly. Overburning my ass. I’ve never trusted the OB test anyway. 6S0F limited my max burn speed to 31x.


I notice no difference between 6S0F and 6S0D.
No problems at all.


Alex and I have both seen decreased RW quality with 6S0F compared to 6S0D. I don’t think there’s any compelling reason to use 6S0F over 6S0D, but either one would be better than 6S0A.


i really haven’t seen any change when upgrading to 6SOF. i just know that sometimes it stucks when burning on Memorex 48x and using Nero. but that problem has been before. i learned to get along with it…



ive never had any probs w/ memorex and nero. diff manufacturers maybe? i cant use that cd info tool thing now tho cuz i just tried memorex a while ago and just ran out…

iwent back to my regular: imations

or can u check already burned discs…


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Merged the two threads.

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