6S07 firmware for LTR-52246S

I just ran a stack of discs with this new firmware, the news looks good. I tested Fuji 48x, Imation 48x and Verbatim DLP 48x media, burned all of them at 52x and 48x. They all appear to behave slightly better at 52x and even better at 48x. The TY and Imation showed less change than the Verbatim. The Verbatim now burns error-free at 48x in my 52x drive, which it would not do before. Out of 3 Verbatims I burned at 52x, 2 were coasters which is consistant with what they were doing before, one was error-free.
One other thing I have noticed with the firmware is that the drive now seems to load a blank CDR much quicker. The time spent waiting for the drive to recognise a CDR seems much quicker, both in Nero and in CDSpeed.
Unfortunately, all of these discs still produce frequent coasters at 52x, always the errors are above the 650MB mark, and the drive always slows near the end of burn. Still, this is progress. All of the actual burn times are lower too, due to the fact that the drive is slowing later in the burn than with 6S02.
I’ll be updating the media test thread shortly with the most recent tests.

Updated to 6S07, tested TY/CMC/Ritek media.
Mostly the same quality, but CMC may be a bit worse off:

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ooh good news… I have Imation 48x :slight_smile:

by any chance… anyone tried to use the Lite-on Smartburn tool to detect cd’s? it shows unknown for the cd’s I used to test it… altho as a 40125W and 48125W these cd’s showed the results