680i LT Vista 32 - dvd burner question

Hi, all. This is my first post, and I am only posting because after searching and reading, I am still unsure as to what to do. I am looking for help in selecting a dvd burner (or two) for my new build.

My relevant build hardware/OS: I will be running Vista 32 bit on a XFX 680i LT mobo, and an Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 CPU. PSU will be Coolermaster Real Power Pro 750W.

First, I want two optical drives, but only one needs to burn dvds.

Concerns: I have read that there have been problems with using SATA for optical drives (Vista and nvidia problems), and am unsure as to whether I would be better off buying IDE drives or 1 IDE optical to boot off of and 1 SATA as my primary burner.

What I will use my drives for:
I do have DVD-Rom games, and am not sure how a drive’s features affect efficient access of those files if at all. I burn audio cds on cd-r a lot, and have burned data to dvd, but have never burned any movies (and do not expect to do that much, but I intend to burn a family movie to DVD a couple of times a year).

Cost is an issue, but so is reliability. I would probably put an emphasis on drive silence over fancy features. I don’t need Lightscribe or anything like that.

There have been some posts on these issues, but I have read a lot that only recommend drives that are already discontinued.

Please help.


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Firstly I have that mobo & have no problems with *SATA DVDRW compatability.
Second the ‘IN’ drives currently have to be the Samsung SHS-S203B & the Pioneer 212D.
If you got these drives (unless wanting full scanning features). You’ll not be let down by these.
The mobo has two sets of SATA connecters. A set of 4 & a set of 2.
I used the 4 for HD’s & the 2 for ODD’s.
I now have 6 HD’s & use two PCI SATA controller cards. Still without any problems.

Thanks for that reply. I had planned on getting two of the Samsung S230B drives, but then started reading nvidia forums dating back to the public release of Vista. I read so many bad things about SATA drivers, etc that I really didn’t know what to do.

Thanks again,