6750A problem

Hi, All. Long time lurker first time poster.

I’m having a problem with a NEC 6750A burner.

I have a Alienware laptop that purchase back in April. The burner worked just fine up until early October. Alienware replaced it now the second drive is doing the same thing. The burn seems to go fine using Nero until the end. The progress bar goes to 100%,the used read buffer empties out and the bottom progress bar starts to fill up again and usually goes to completion quickly.

Whats happening now is the progress bar fills slowly and seems to struggle. It gets to around 40-60% then suddenly jumps to completion sometimes when this happens the drive hums loudly before jumping to completion. When this happens I know the disc will probably be unplayable neither of my DVD players or my game consoles will play the disc. Even though I get a successful burn message.

I use Verbatim dual-layer discs that have been really reliable.

When Alienware replace the first drive they suggested it could be the media but I tried DL discs from different packs and the same thing was happening.

Can someone tell me whats going on? Please help!

Verbatims are supposed to be the best when it comes to dual layer media. Considering the drive is limited to 4x burning, you shouldn’t have that kind of problem.

  1. Which version of Nero is this? Do you have the latest version for either 6.x or 7.x?

  2. Can you verify that DMA is enabled on the drive? Use Nero InfoTool to check.

  3. What firmware version is on the ND-6750?

  4. Can you use Nero CD-DVD Speed and make a disc with the Create Disc feature? How does it scan back using the Disc Quality feature?

Thanks for the response. Answers to questions

1.I have the latest version of Nero. The drive has done this in earlier versions of 7.x.

  1. DMA is on.

  2. Firmware is 2.01.

4.What do I need to do on create disc? Check create image or simulate?

I currently have the 2.42 firmware which has the latest write strategies in it. With that said, I had to customize it using MCSE to get it to burn the Verbatim 8x DVD+/-R media at 8x (well the -R still maxed out at 6x).

So I decided to give my Verbatim DVD+R DL a try at 4x and it completed the Create Disc just fine. The Disc Quality wasn’t great but the Scan Disc completed successfully.

Don’t check either of them off. Nero will create a random set of files of varying sizes to burn to the disc. Good luck!