6750a firmware flashing

I found the firmware upgrades for the slim line 6750a, but binflash doesn’t recognize the drive when it scans for it. Any suggestions or am I waiting for a newer version of binflash?

You have to wait for the next version. And I guess it won’t be ready before the next weekend due to being away for a few days next week.


i am having issues with my new 6750a. it will read dvds fine but not cdr’s or software cds. i installed it on a brand new dell b130 inspiron laptop. it has a new HD and MY own retail version of XP Pro installed insteads of HOME that came with it. perhaps its missing a cdr driver? not sure, but i would love to update the FW on this drive to see if that would fix things…

please update this thread on if this “binflash” is ready to support the 6750a.