6750 - flashing procedure not working as planned

Hey guys,

My previous factory installed burner (Teac) was set by default to primary-slave on my Toshiba Satellite 5205-s503 according to Nero.

I downloaded the “reverse” file by liggy and dee and followed the instructions. Unfortunaly, I don’t have access to computer stores who sell the ide-jae adapters where I live, so I had to settle with diconnecting the HD (which I believe was primary-master) and booting from a floppy disk.

The moment I booted, the 6750’s light turned on, but the screen wrote the famous “ide error #0”. I proceeded to run the “6750btr.bat” from the floppy, but it claimed to not find the drive.

Why after disconnecting the HD am I still getting this error? Can I work around it? Is there any solution instead of using the ide-jae adapter? I don’t have access at the moment to a PC and I definitely don’t have access to the adapter.

Your help will be appreciated! :iagree:

Famour “ide#0 error”??
I only know the ide#1 error…

Can you disable an ide channel via the BIOS?

I don’t think I can, since the model of my Toshiba has a limited access to the bios only through XP.

Any other ideas folks?

I guess the only thing that will help you is finding an IDE adapter somewhere. In which country do you live? Maybe some other users know where to find such an adapter there

I live in Israel. From what I’ve searched, we don’t have that kind of adapter here. If worse comes to worse, I’ll order it from ebay, though I’d rather not at this point.