6650A - Write speed reduction after flash

Flashed to Liggy’s 1.62 and can no longer burn at speeds greater than 4x. I’ve tried several brands of media with no success. I’d be grateful for any advice.



** INFO : Drive = _NEC DVD±RW ND-6650A - [FW 1.62] - [ATAPI]
** INFO : Write Capabilities = DVD+R DVD+R-DL DVD+RW
** INFO : Write Capabilities = DVD-R DVD-R-DL DVD-RW
** INFO : Disc = [DVD+R:OPTODISC-R16-000]
** INFO : Reference Speed : 1x DVD = 1385 kBps
** INFO : An Writeable Disc Is Recommended For Accurate Results
** INFO : Write Speeds (Supported By This Drive On This Disc) Listed Below

** INFO : GET PERFORMANCE Write Speed Descriptor(s)
Descriptor #1 = 5540 kBps ( 4.00x) - [CLV/Non-Pure CAV]
Descriptor #2 = 3324 kBps ( 2.40x) - [CLV/Non-Pure CAV]

Check the DMA setting first.

Ultra DMA 2 on secondary IDE channel.


Just uninstall the ide channels and drive entry in devicemanager, then restart.

Neeh, I wouldn’t recommend all that. :smiley:
Because doing that will not add anything to solve the “problem”.

Cheking 1.62 firmware MID’s posted by Liggy here we can clearly see [B]OPTODISC-R16[/B] is [B]not[/B] supported by this firmware.
Thus drive will only burn at low speed using generic write strategy = bad burns.

[I]shadowspirit,[/I] your firmware upgrade has nothing to do with it.
Try to find some “old fashion” 8x rated Verbatim, Taiyo Yuden or Maxell media and I can ensure you you’ll have better luck hitting 8x speed. :wink:

Good, good. :wink:

Creepy media.