6650A Problem on Dell XPS 1210

Hey guys, been to other forums and they were not really able to help me
however this places seems to have lotsa experts in NEC drives so i hope some one can help me with my problem.

Hi there just got a new XPS 1210 and
basically after uninstalling lots of the irrelevant software
and installing my neccessary programmes i have come to realise
tat my DVD-RW Drive is not working properly (pls note i do not know if it was working befoe i removed all the software as i did not try burning anything at that time).

IT can read CDs and DVDs fine (i have done multiple installs with DVD and CD format discs already)… however Nero cant detect it
the default roxio sonic software also cant see the drive. There are several other applications that came with the laptop such as back up tools and DVD Video creators which use the drive as well and they all cant see it.

The only way i am even able to get it to burn at all is by using the normal WINDOWS explorer drag and drop into the DVD-ROM, tats the only way it work , and this only works for CDs i have basically not been able to burn a DVD yet in form what so ever…

here are a couple of screen shots from the device

anyone care to give me a hand as to how i can solve this



You could try what this guy did. It might just be a detection problem with Windows and the IDE controller.

Also what firmware version are you running? You can probably see that on the Details tab after the drive model. For Dell’s, I believe you’ll probably have one of the following (1st digit means either master or slave configuration…go by the 3rd digit for version comparisons)

  • 102C or 202C
  • 103C or 203C (latest)

i am using 102C,

anyway will look at the link thanks again !!

ok thanks i followed the instructions and it worked again