6650 dead?

hi, i am running win98se (xp doenst work atm) on a notebook with internal 6650. because my notebook needs reversed ata i wiremodded it from default ata to reversed ata, so my notebook can recognize it. this worked fine for me but i wanted to use the drive without wiremod so i used necflash 1.17 and dumped the original firmware and then flashed the modified reversed ata firmware by liggy. no errors. i used the wingui version so there was this button called “booktype”. i pressed it and … win98 hangs up. so i turned of the notebook and removed the wiremod (because i thought it should be reversed then).
but then when starting the post hangs on ide detecting. i unplugged the drive and then booting wents fine but no drive :sad: i did wiremod it again but still no drive. is it dead? what can i do?

To me it sounds like you did NOT read the instructions that were explicitely mentioned when downloading the firmware. My 2.23 firmware is only intended for drives that already have a 2.** firmware. You drive obviously did not have this firmware before flashing with Binflash, so you had to use the Reverse ATA package first in order to convert your drive. Flashing a 2.** firmware is not sufficient and I doubt it is possible to get your drive back to life again without using an external flashing device.

You might try using an IDE adapter on a desktop PC, but I do not know if this will help at all.

oh no :doh:
blame me :o
but i noticed something. i tried to start the reversing package and 6650boot says its already reversed. so the original nec flash tool still recognizes it, doesnt it? but 6650main says the firmware isn`t changed correctly. anything to work with?

p.s.: i just found this posting: http://www.cdrinfo.com/forum/fb.asp?m=94213 lets me hope. i`ll go get a desktop adapter on monday

Not necessarily. The flash procedure from NEC uses batch scripts. You might get the same message if no drive is available at all. Not sure if an IDE adapter will help in this case. What does 6500boot say if you remove the drive.

Does the drive LED flash or are you able to eject the drive tray? Unfortunately I’m unable to compare the bootcode from the master and the slave firmware at the moment. I need someone with a working 6650 (normal ATA) who flashed one of my modified firmwares for this.

And next time: RTFM :iagree:

led is blinking
ejecting works
and it starts reading when i insert a cd

when i remove the drive 6650boot says: no nec drive found



Does the drive LED flash or are you able to eject the drive tray? Unfortunately I’m unable to compare the bootcode from the master and the slave firmware at the moment. I need someone with a working 6650 (normal ATA) who flashed one of my modified firmwares for this.

I flashed with your code.Seems to work fine.
Do you need me to dump the modded firmware and send it to you?

Sounds like it should be possible to get your drive back to life again. I just don’t know how at the moment.
LED blinking usually means that the drive is still in safe mode BIOS. Since you didn’t flash the boot code, the drive should be in normal ATA mode (Probably acting as master drive).
If the drive is neither recognized by your BIOS nor in Windows, I think you’ll really have to wait for an IDE adapter and flash your drive on a desktop PC.

i connected the nec 6650 on the desktop and the bios and windows recognizes it as master. i can read cds with it and even boot from it. but necflash -scan -v shows me the drive twice ?!? as 1.0.0 and 0.2.0. :confused:
6650boot says its already new firmware (but not its already reversed)
any ideas what i can try?

Look at the 6650BOOT.BAT
There’s a call to “BT6650R6 /p:1 /d:1 /FWCHK:2” or “BT6650R6 /p:1 /d:0 /FWCHK:2”
From the labels :ssb and :smb, I assume that the first one is for secondary slave while the second one is for secondary master. You could try calling this program, including the necessary parameters by hand. This should result in the boot code of your drive being updated to reverse ATA.

You could also try to flash back to 1.23 firmware first with Binflash (I recommend Windows GUI), but I’m not sure why the drive appears twice. 1.0.0 and 0.2.0 usually means that it’s on two different adapters. :confused:

i installed the drive in another desktop. now bios detects it as primary master and also necflash detects only one drive this time at 0.0.0 (primary master i think). i tried bt6650r6 /p:0 /d:0 /FWCHK:2 and it says firmware isnt changed correctly. flashing back to 1.2.3 doesnt work either. it immediately hangs at 0x006000. drive is still reading fine :rolleyes: it seems that only this boot part of the firmware is screwed up. any ideas/tools to fix that? it should be possible to force the boot update, shouldn`t it?

i thought about it and i tihnk i need:
tool that forces the boot code update
tool that forces the flash of the native firmware. then i could try the reversing again.


The drive being detected only once sounds good to me. Unfortunately I don’t know what the command line switches for bt6650r6 mean. (Did you use a real DOS boot - not a DOS window from within Windows) Maybe you need to start experimenting here… Using secondary IDE channel might help too.

For Binflash, please use the Windows commandline version, add one or two “-v” to the flash command and tell me what output you get exactly. (If it doesn’t work try booting Windows Safe Mode)

yes i used real dos mode. and i tried primary and secondary.

binflash tells me this when i try to flash the original firmware:

What IDE drivers do you have on this PC? It looks like the command that is needed for sending the firmware to the drive gets blocked somewhere. This should not be caused by the drive I hope.

If I were you, I would try booting from DOS, a clean Windows installation, Linux and/or a different PC.

drive is back alive (complete)
i connected it as secondary master and disabled the slave in bios mode (otherwise the post process would be endless). also i used a 80pin cable this
time and i booted into dos with a floppy and i typed in the following:
addev aspi.sys (otherwise necscan wouldnt detect my drive)
necflash -scan
i could swear my drive was shown up with firmware 2.23
then i tried to reflash my dumped firmware:
necflash -v -s -flash dump.bin 1.0.0
giving me a e/a error immediately after trying to flash to 0x006000
the i did necflash -scan again and what do i see?
my drive was shown up with firmware 0.5 (or something like that. i`m not sure because i was so exited :smiley: )
i tried flashing a firmware again. this time with 123_orig.bin and … it runs through just fine. reboot: drive was shown in bios with firmware 1.23. wohoo!!
6650boot and 6650main also worked and flashing your modified firmware after did also work!

danke liggy für deine hilfe. kann ich ja ruhig auf deutsch schreiben, denn scheinbar bist du der einzige der mir helfen konnte/wollte.

ok now i am really confused …
i just found that my notebook needs a master drive. and the nec 6650 is master at default, right? why did i need the wiremod then to make the bios detect the drive??? and why does it not detect it now when its flashed with reversed ata (same effect like the wiremod)?? it will only detect it now when i hardmod the drive by bending two pins to the side, so the reversed firmware effect is reversed again and so its just default …

is it possible to flash the old boot code back? :doh: i can`t believe it. 12€, many hours and lost warranty for NOTHING?!?
taking deep breath
well i got some experiences in flashing a drive and i am sure i will need the adapter again.

I have no idea

is it possible to flash the old boot code back?

Definitely yes - I’m just unsure if I’m able to figure out how. I’ll prepare a package that lets you flash the original bootcode and firmware again, but I guess we’ll have to experiment a bit for this. Is your ICQ # still valid? I’ll try to add you to my list as this makes things easier I guess.

There’s a package available on Dee’s and my site now for everyone who wants to flash their NEC ND6650A back to master again.

Thanks to Charmin Deluxe for testing with his drive

Thanks to Liggy’s super utility.
I also successfully make 6650 from master to slave, and vice versa.
The 6650 sold in Taiwan is default set to master.
Directlly installing it into Acer TM420 or Asus M2400N is ok.
It is recognized as a removeable device in windows interface.
I find that if you could see 6650 in BIOS, then it is not necessary to change the setting(master or slave).
If you can’t see it in BIOS but can in Windows, then you have better change the setting. Or you may have the chance that you can’t boot from 6650.

To sum up, thanks to Liggy’s utility again !!

Why dont they make these drives like desktop drives, as in pin to be set according to if it’s needed as master or slave?

well, i think this would be too easy :smiley: [irony]and a jumper weights too much[irony]